Founded in 2001, Kinetics is a best analyzer integrator in Taiwan

We not only provide high-quality analyzer in Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Hygiene, Process Analytics, and Emergency Response, also provide Total Solution of System Design, Site Installation, System Integration Assembly and Data Acquisition Design. Our solutions include “Ex-proof Monitoring System Design”, “ Process Vent Gas Recovery System Design”, “Industrial Safety System Design”, and “Air Quality Monitoring System Design”.
Kinetics represents many high-quality analyzers from US, Europe, and Japan exclusively. Combined with Kinetics’ experienced project management, engineering, and after-saleservices, you will find best for what you need.
Kinetics has been certified as a member of ISO 9001:2008 in 2012, and obtained the revision certification of ISO 9001:2015 in 2018 which proves its fine quality of the organization in many ways. To maintain the finest quality of internal managements and to provide customers stratification, Kinetics will keep working on its quality goal of “constantly improvement, the finest working quality as well as customers’ stratification” as a whole. Furthermore, to pursue the fine conditions of working environment and safety for people who working on-site, Kinetics was certified with ISO45001:2018 in the beginning of 2020. Policy of ISO45001:2018 Occupational safety and health management systems for Kinetics is "Respecting value of labors, carry out the best of Corporate Social Responsibility; cultivating high-quality culture of Safety for the labors and zero risks of Occupational Injury”.
Team Spirit

“Professional” and “Dedicated”. Kinetics provides resources and opportunities for our team to perform the best. That’s how we build the team!


Developing latest analytics technology is our priority. From hardware to software, we provide reliable analytical system for our customer to achieve the goal of efficiency and maximum production.

Superior Quality

To pursue and maintain the ultimate goal of “Innovation and Quality", Kinetics consistently adheres to both ISO9001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 policy to make sure the standardization of process and operation are well- implemented. We value every details of concept. Our target for the business goal is to provide customers with total solution, from requirements, designs, constructions, and customer satisfaction.

Affiliated Company

Kinetics Information Technology Corporation (KITC) provides LD&R services in Taiwan. Certified by NIEA, a Taiwan EPA institute, KITC provides services of VOC leakage and Soil Gas Survey. NIEA Certification No. 139.

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Our Team

Jones Chang


In our group of Kinetics Technology Corporation, we are always in pursuit of a balance between human intelligence and scientific technology as well as a mixture of philosophical concept between mechanics and aesthetics. With an attitude of demanding impeccable quality, we are fully dedicated to every mission and work for our customers. In terms of business perspective, we are aimed at an everlasting improvement in eternal growth and sustainable operation by way of exceeding limitations.

Ricky Lin

Vice President

With an inquiring mind in research, Kinetics Technology Corporation strives for specialized technology in long-term learning. Our superior team experiences various technical practices and maintenance services across the globe, supporting you the fastest specific mechanical help around Taiwan in different branch offices.

Gavin Huang

Sales Manager

Our everlasting mission is to elevate customers' satisfaction and high-quality services, then to expand our business realm in Taiwan and accumulate international experiences. We also offer better products and technological solution for customers from initial plan of quoted price to the final protection and maintenance.

Ethan Chen

Product manager

We are strongly confident about our designation of the integrated analyzer system and project management. In the design level, we connect the field conditions of the site, altogether with former practical experiences. We offer you the best solution and the latest technology at the same pace of international trends. To bring in more happiness, we are looking forward to seeing you as our private partners!

Mander Chang

Assistant Manager of
Engineering Department

The integration of the complete analyzer system needs to consider many levels, including the correctness and immediacy of the analysis data, the compatibility of the sample and the system reliability. We have professional technical capabilities and accumulate practical experience service team to offer our customers the best service.

Alex Lin

Manager of Maintenance Department

Our design team is composed of a member with professional and have excellent maintenance services team can support you the fastest specific mechanical help around Taiwan. Continuous learning, improving quality and customer satisfaction are our goals.

Cathy Yang

Accountant and Manager of
Management Department

Kinetics Technology Corporation provides a series of customer-oriented service, including design, packaging, installation, inspection and trouble-shooting, also, we can decrease the prime cost, improve our quality and efficiency in order to expect a high standard service. Therefore, we can create an excellent win-win outcome through cooperation and sharing.

Jessie Chen

Office Manager & Service Supervisor

As a member of Kinetics Technology Corporation, we are dedicated to make superior products and present prominent technical services. We care about our customers' need and continue to complete distinguished services, then striving to grow together with our partners. I believe that an attitude toward perfection ensures better products and solutions.

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No.95, Chengde St., Huwei Township, Yunlin County 632, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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