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Kinetics are composed by the employee who always
dedicate to work and enjoy life.

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The Opening Show of Year End Party 2021 – The Magic Mirror

2022 Education Training

Enterprise Internal Branding Training Courses


2019 Annual Year-End Party at Regent Hotels, Taipai


2019 Annual Company Tour (3 day trips)
at Miaoli、Taichung、Nantou.

2018 Annual Year-End Party Opening

Performance of Lighting & shadow interaction.


2018 Annual Company Tour (3 day trips)
Whale watching at Kueishan Island, Yilan

60y birthday

2018 Founder of Kinetics – Jones Chang -the 60th birthday party celebration

2018 Trend of Digitalization Seminar

Speech of Jones Chang – General Manager of Kinetics.

2017 Annual Year-End Party

A Fantastic Bartending Opening - the World Champion Flair Bartenders


2017 Annual Company Tour (3 day trips)
Taiwan type of “ Angkor Wat” scenery,Chianan Plain


2017 Enhance Productivity - Start with on-site intelligent equipment

“Manufacturer Digitalization Intelligent Instruments, Intelligent Industrial Network Engineering and Process Analysis System Solution Seminar"


2016 Annual Year
-End Party at Gujiahua Seafood Restaurant, Kaohsiung


2016 Annual Company Tour (3 day trips) to explore the Mae Salong Paiyi - spectacular view of He-huan Mountain.


2016 Process Analyzer System Solution Workshop

2015 Annual Year-End Party Opening

“Beat box show” from Echo, the super devil avenue


2015-Siemens Future Industrial Revolution Car Demonstration and Measurement Analysis Technology Seminar

2015 Company Trip
-3 Days Trip to East Coast, Taiwan

2015 Company Trip - 3 Days Trip to East Coast, Taiwan Employee not only experienced the aboriginal diet but enjoyed the bamboo raft, archery as well as other interesting activities.


2014 Year-End Party at ARTCO C6

2014 Year-End Party - LED Lightening performance.

The LED lightening dance infused with the modern technology element and the brand new lightening-laser performance which brought to the audience with an extremely different visual effect.


2013 The Sun Moon Lake - Millennium tour

2013 company trip were the combination of both company outing and field training trip. The Sun Moon Lake Resort just looked like a big class with course of self-built bamboo raft and group contest. Employee were instructed for building bamboo raft together which shown the spirit and power of team work. At Sun Moon Lake, employee not only enjoyed building bamboo raft but having the opportunity to experience the Sun Moon Lake in different perspective.


2012 Company trip -Star Cruises


2011 Company trip -E-DA Theme Park

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